Declaration to Deliver Big

We the creativesof the D.C. Ad Community hereby declare that we will elevate our game. Art Directors and Designers, Copywriters and Strategists, Coordinators and Managers; this is our moment. The time has come to deliver more than what is expected. It is time we band together and solemnly swear that the concepts we create will transcend the campaigns we execute. From here on, we consent to nothing but our best work. This is not about tactics like postcards, banners or traditional ads; it is about digging deeper for ideas, creating experiences that matter and taking risks to reap greater rewards. As a city, our reputation is only as good as the work we produce. As creatives, we are responsible for elevating both. Our ideas do not have to be limited to tactics or by budgets. We will always deliver big. The days of waiting for a groundbreaking opportunity to arrive in a neat little basket are over. That basket is, and always has been, a myth. We create our opportunity. We deliver big. Always. Because when we do, we elevate ourselves, our agencies, our clients and our city.


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This Declaration was drafted under the explicit
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